Strawberry & Vanilla Porridge with Hemp and Almonds


This hearty strawberry & vanilla porridge with hemp and almonds is the perfect winter breakfast. Oats are packed with heart healthy dietary fibre and important nutrients such as B vitamins, vitamin E and iron. Oats are an excellent source of soluble fibre which has been scientifically proven to lower total cholesterol and ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol, which helps reduce the risk of heart disease.

Strawberry & Vanilla Porridge with Hemp and Almonds

½ cup rolled oats
¼ cup water
1 cup milk of choice
1 cup diced strawberries
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 tsp flaked almonds
1 tsp hemp seeds
Raw honey to taste – optional


  1. Place oats, water and milk in a saucepan over medium heat and cook with the lid on for 5 minutes.
  2. Add strawberries and almonds and cook for a further 10 minutes until your oats are soft and creamy. Add more milk or water if needed.
  3. Add honey if desired. Top with extra strawberries, hemp and almonds to serve.

Serves 1-2.

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