Certified organic herbal teas with therapeutic properties to enhance health and wellbeing. Made with the finest quality whole loose leaves delivering distinctively gorgeous flavours.

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Latest Nourishing Tea-time Recipes

Iced Tea Cocktail, Chai Irish Cream

Bodhi Organic Teas make the perfect healthy iced tea cocktail, Chai Irish ...
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Iced Tea Cocktail, Green Tea Mojito

Bodhi Organic Teas make the perfect healthy Iced Tea Cocktail, Green Tea ...
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Iced Tea, Orange and Passionfruit

Bodhi Organic ViridiTEA makes the perfect healthy iced tea, orange and passionfruit ...
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Latest Bodhi Health News

New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions, I Will Clean Up My Diet

How often do we promise ourselves that 'we’ll get our act together' ...
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Tips to Stay Healthy and Survive The Silly Season

Tips to Stay Healthy and Survive The Silly Season

The warmer weather is here and there’s a party vibe in the ...
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10 Top Ways to Spring Clean Your Diet

There is lots of advice about how to spring clean where we ...
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  • Yes please!! Now that’s what I want today with my afternoon cuppa. Cherry deliciousness by @pana_chocolate #healthychocolate #teatimetreat
  • Chilled Bodhi Organic ZesTEA with some freshly squeezed grapefruit and citrus fruits....the perfect summer refresher. 🍋🍊🍋 #ginger #lemongrass #turmeric #icedtea
  • Gorgeous breakfast berry smoothie. For an extra antioxidant kick try adding chilled rosehip and hibiscus herbal tea instead of milk or coconut water. Our Bodhi Organic LongeviTEA makes the perfect smoothie addition. We love this 📷 by @breakfastwithflowers #breakfast #smoothie
  • Check out our latest Wellness Bodhi Blog for some great tips on how to stick to your New Years resolution, ‘I will eat healthy’. Link is in our profile. #health #wellness #healthyeating #cleaneating #goodhealth #bodhiorganictea #tea
  • Check out @bellaboheme latest newsletter for this delicious ‘cranberry and rosehip iced tea’ recipe we created especially for Bella Boheme. #longeviTEA
  • Beautiful bright breakie smoothie bowls. All those vibrant colours indicate plenty of antioxidants and nutritional goodness. Supercharge your smoothies with iced green tea for an extra antioxidant bang! Your skin will love you for it. Lovely 📷 @talinegabriel #healthybreakfast #breakfast #smoithie #icedtea