Certified organic herbal teas with therapeutic properties to enhance health and wellbeing. Made with the finest quality whole loose leaves delivering distinctively gorgeous flavours.

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Latest Nourishing Tea-time Recipes

nut-free muesli bars

Nut-free Muesli Bars

These delicious crunchy 'Nut-free Muesli Bars' are perfect for a nourishing afternoon snack ...
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Pomegranate & Lime Iced Tea

Pomegranate & Lime Iced Tea

This gorgeous Pomegranate & Lime Iced Tea is made with herbs and fruits ...
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Cacao Orange Cake

What better way to celebrate the launch of Bodhi Organic Tea than with ...
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Latest Bodhi Health News

Best Natural Anti-ageing Skin Care Tips

Eating a good wholesome nutrient-rich diet is paramount to promoting good health ...
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Liver Detox

6 Fantastic Ways to Liver Detox

The liver is one of the hardest working organs in the body, ...
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Incredible Health Benefits of Herbal and Green Tea

Incredible Health Benefits of Herbal and Green Tea

The Incredible Health Benefits of Herbal and Green Tea in traditional Chinese ...
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  • Need help choosing the perfect Bodhi Organic Tea to best enhance your health? Let Lisa our founder and resident naturopath personally prescribe you a tea. Just go to our prescribe section on our home page. 🍃#personalteaprescription
  • Chamomile is such a beautiful calming herb. It soothes the nerves, helps you sleep, eases digestive complaints and alleviates inflammation in the body. Drinking chamomile tea is like having a big beautiful hug! You will find chamomile in our Bodhi Organic SereniTEA, along with other lovely calming herbs. 🍃#calming #antianxiety #sleepaid #antiinflammatory
  • Learn the best natural ways to beautiful glowing, youthful looking skin on our latest Bodhi wellness blog. #healthyskin #naturalskincare #nourishyourskin
  • Bodhi Organic Teas make the most delicious iced teas for those warmer days. Our favourites at the moment are iced ViridiTEA with some apple and lime juice; and iced ZesTEA with fresh pineapple juice. Keep an eye out for our healthy iced tea recipes on our blog. #icedtea #healthy 📷Pinterest
  • Did you know that drinking green tea regularly can help keep your skin healthy and more youthful looking. Green tea contain powerful antioxidants called polyphenols (namely epigallocatechins) that can slow down collagen and elastin breakdown, which is a major cause of fine lines and wrinkles. #skinhealth #skin
  • Having trouble deciding what tea to buy? Let Lisa personally prescribe you the perfect tea to help enhance your health. Simply fill out the prescription form on our website and then Lisa will send you her top Bodhi tea recommendations that will best suit your health state. #teaprescription #wellbeing #goodhealth