Delicious desserts

Coconut, Vanilla Bean & Fig Custard

This delightful 'Coconut, Vanilla Bean and Fig Custard' is a healthy version of an old tim... Continue Reading >

Passionfruit and Nectarine Almond Tart

This delightful gluten-free summer tart is filled with nourishing ingredients including al... Continue Reading >
Pistachio Peaches with Coconut Yoghurt

Pistachio Peaches with Coconut Yoghurt

This simple yet tasty dessert of Grilled Pistachio Peaches with Coconut Yoghurt is a great... Continue Reading >

Healthy Chocolate Fondant

We are excited to have the lovely Jessica Sepel, nutritionist and author of the Clean Life... Continue Reading >

Gluten-free Apple & Blueberry Pie

This gorgeous Gluten-free Apple & Blueberry Pie makes a fantastic healthy dessert or t... Continue Reading >

Banana Caramel Tarts

These incredibly delicious gluten-free Banana Caramel Tarts are a definite winner when gue... Continue Reading >