Meet our ambassadors

Tarni Deutsher

Tarni Deutsher

Please tell us about yourself and where you’re from? I am 24, from Melbourne, Studying Health science and am passionate about healthy eating through wholefoods and maintaing a healthy lifestyle. I am also a photographer and food stylist as that has become one of my passions and something I absolutely love! What does a perfect day look like for you? The perfect day would be waking up naturally between 6:30 – 7:00, having my morning lemon water and heading to the gym to start the day off with a bang. [...]

Melanie Hansen

I am a Women’s Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Yin and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and Personal Trainer. I have been the sole owner of a boutique holistic health studio for women for over 8 years. I specialise in women’s health and wellness and have supported and coached hundreds of women in areas such as weight loss, stress reduction, various illnesses, mental health, emotional health, hormone balancing, fertility and general wellbeing.

Karlee Imogen

Hello, my name is Karlee Imogen, I am a yoga teacher, a reiki master healer and cocreator of the online women’s wellness program, Holistically Living. I teach pre/postnatal yoga as well as level 1 + 2 purna (hatha) yoga. I have a huge love for fusing together two powerful healing techniques with my signature reiki-infused yoga series. Originally from Adelaide, I have been traveling Australia with my husband over the past 3 years sharing my passion for wellness in various locations as we explore this big beautiful country.

Jesse Starling

Hi, my name is Jesse Starling, I am 16 years old from North Narrabeen on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. When I was about 12 I fell in love with surfing and have never looked back since. In my eyes surfing is not only just a passion, however, it is a lifestyle. For a long time now surfing has consumed a large chunk of my life and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Over the years the ocean became a safe place for me allowing me to overcome so...