Melanie Hansen

Women’s Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Yoga teacher and personal trainer

1. Please tell us about yourself, where are you from, and about your business?

I am a Women’s Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Yin and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and Personal Trainer. I have been the sole owner of a boutique holistic health studio for women for over 8 years. I specialise in women’s health and wellness and have supported and coached hundreds of women in areas such as weight loss, stress reduction, various illnesses, mental health, emotional health, hormone balancing, fertility and general wellbeing. I am one of the co-creators for Holistically Living is an online Women’s Health and Wellness community that supports women on their healthy lifestyle journey. Together with our team of coaches, we coach, support and educate our members based around our 5 Pillars of a Holistic Life.

I am also a Master Coach for The Integrative Women’s Health Institute and support, mentor and coach our students across Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

I am happily married to my one and only and a Mother of two, to Tyra aged 11 and Jax aged 9 and have two fur babies, a 13 year old golden labrador called Billy and a 6 month old red and tan kelpie called Finke. We just bought our dream property in Willunga, South Australia - 8 acres of lush green grass, with an abundance of trees and wildlife and am looking forward to designing and building our dream home over the next few years.

2. What does a perfect day look like for you?

A perfect day would begin with a solid 8 hours of restful sleep, waking at around 6.30am for an early morning gym session. I would then head out for a breakfast at my local organic cafe with my hubby and kids followed by a visit to our local farmers market for our weeks supplies of fresh produce. Early afternoon would be a long walk in the sunshine along our local beach with our two dogs followed by a swim and soaking up some more sunshine. Late afternoon would be enjoyed curled up on the couch with a book and cup of tea followed by a home yoga practice before getting busy in the kitchen cooking a nourishing dinner the whole family will love. Before bed I would soak in a relaxing bath of magnesium flakes and lavender sipping a bedtime tea before cuddling the kids and hopping in bed. Bliss!!!

3. What are you most passionate about in life, your hobbies and interests?

I would say I am definitely most passionate about health and wellness and spreading the message to as many women as i can. I truly believe that the health and wellness of our planet starts with each and every woman and I intend to reach as many women as i possibly can in my lifetime to help educate and support them. I am also extremely passionate about the environment and eco friendly living.

My hobbies and interests include going to the gym, practicing yoga, collecting cook books and cooking, time spent at the beach, Stand up paddle boarding, travel, exploring, learning and studying (i think i have pretty much been a student since i was 5 years old and still am!!) and reading. A new hobby I am really looking forward to starting, now that we have a large property, is setting up and growing our own veggies.

4. What’s been your biggest highlights in your life or career so far?

I have a few big highlights in my life - traveling and living overseas in Canada and the Cayman Islands for close to 2 years when I was 20 years old, getting married and having my two beautiful children and then just last year home schooling our children to travel Australia. Career highlights would have to be becoming a Master Coach for The Integrative Women’s Health Institute at the end of last year to support other Health Coaches in spreading the message of health and wellness - what better way to reach as many women as possible than to support and coach other coaches!

5. What’s your favourite Bodhi Organic Tea?

Oh that's a hard one!! I love ViridiTea, TranquiliTea ans SereniTea.

6. What are your favourite ways to stay fit and healthy?

There really are so many ways and I definitely feel they change and fluctuate over time but some of my favourites are yoga, HIIT workouts at my local F45 studio, daily walks/runs with my dogs, ensuring that i get 7-8 hours sleep at night, nourishing my body with whole organic foods and hydrating with water. I also find a daily practice of mindfulness, pranayama (breath work) and meditation at bedtime helps keep my mental health in check.

7. What’s one simple change that people can make today to help improve the health of our planet?

A simple change is simply reducing the amount of plastic that we use! Using re-usable produce bags and carrying re-usable water bottles and coffee cup has been some simple changes that i have found really easy to do.

8. If you were deserted on an island and could only take 5 things, what would they be?
This question is always so hard....Can i take my family!?.....

1. Refillable never ending water bottle

2. Laptop/phone

3. Solar operated charger

4. Swag

5. Change of clothes

9. What do you usually have for breakfast?

During the week when mornings can be a little more rushed with school I tend to keep it simple with a smoothie, home made muesli mix or oats. On weekends when we can move a little slower I love making pancakes with chickpea or spelt flour topped with fresh fruit and a drizzle of maple syrup.

10. Is there anything else you would like our Bodhi followers to know about you?

I think the questions above have really covered most of it, but i guess i would just love to share that i am a really down to earth person and above anything else my family always comes first. I love my crazy life, that at times is super busy, but i really wouldn't have it any other way. I certainly am not perfect and I most definitely don't have it all figured out but each and every day i do what i can to be the best role model for my children and for that it the most important thing.