Orange and Passionfruit Iced Green Tea

Our award-winning green tea, ViridiTEA, makes the perfect healthy iced tea with fresh orange juice and passionfruit. This refreshing iced tea provides all the antioxidant health benefits green tea has to offer including promoting healthy cardiovascular + liver function, improving mood + cognition, and reducing the risk of premature skin ageing and chronic diseases such as cancer + heart disease. This beautiful iced tea is also rich in vitamin C + betacarotene to support immune health, decrease inflammation and promote youthful glowing skin.


Orange and Passionfruit Iced Green Tea

250 mls chilled ViridiTEA
250mls orange juice
1 large passionfruit
Lychees garnish


  1. Using a tea infuser brew 1 tsp of ViridiTEA in 1 cup of near boiling water for 3 minutes, then put in the fridge to cool.
  2. Fill 2 glasses with ice and lychees.
  3. Combine chilled tea, orange juice and passionfruit.
  4. Pour over ice and top with more passionfruit.

Makes 2 glasses.

Optional: For a Cocktail Iced Tea version add 2 shots of citrus vodka.

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