Are you looking for a new tea to try or can’t decide on what blend to try? Our Traditional Sampler Packs are a great way to try a variety of our delicious organic teas from our Bodhi wellness range. These beautiful packs make a fantastic gift for the tea enthusiast in your life or a great way to discover new and exciting teas. Each sampler pack contains 7 certified organic loose leaf teas (approx. 3 serves each) all beautifully presented in an environmentally friendly Bodhi reusable organic cotton pouch.

The Traditional Sampler Pack contains:

1 x ViridiTEA (Sencha Green)
1 x Black BeauTEA (French Earl Grey)
1 x HonesTEA (English Breakfast)
1 x Masala Chai (Spiced tea)
1 x Sticky Chai (Spiced tea infused with raw honey)
1 x Hot ChocolaTEA (herbal infused cacao powder with medicinal mushrooms)
1 x LuminosiTEA (turmeric and ginger latte with collagen)

ViridiTEA (PROTECTIVE): Made with 100% certified organic sencha green tea and jasmine green tea. Our beautiful multi-award winning green tea blend is made with antioxidant rich green tea that helps boost metabolism, and reduces the risk of of chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease and type-2 diabetes.

HonesTEA (ENGLISH BREAKFAST): A beautiful classic full-bodied black Ceylon orange pekoe tea blend, made from the highest quality whole leaf Sri Lankan tea.

Black BeauTEA (FRENCH EARL GREY): Made with 100% certified organic Earl Grey, mango, sweet orange peel, rose petals, and cornflower blue petals. A fragrant, French inspired Earl Grey of traditional bergamont infused with fruity and floral notes. Made with herbs high in protective antioxidants that destroy damaging free radicals in the body, while having a calming and mood balancing effect.

Masala Chai (SPICED TEA): Made with 100% certified organic cinnamon, black tea, ginger, cloves, cardamom, and aniseed. A delicate blend of medium-bodied black tea and rich aromatic spices, with earthy cinnamon highlights. This really is the perfect chai. This beautiful award winning chai contains plenty of lovely cinnamon chips and other warming herbs that help stimulate circulation, support healthy digestion and help balance blood sugar levels.

Sticky Chai (SPICED TEA INFUSED WITH RAW HONEY): Made from 100% certified organic raw honey, Ceylon cinnamon, black tea, ginger, cloves, cardamom and aniseed.This sticky chai has a perfect balance of sweet and spicy and contains herbs that support healthy digestion and promote better circulation.  Bodhi is a proud partner of Save the Bees Australia supporting local Aussie bee farmers that use ethical and sustainable bee farming practices.

LuminosiTEA (TURMERIC LATTE POWDER): Made with organic turmeric, organic cinnamon, wild marine based collagen, organic ginger and organic black peppercorns. This delicious turmeric and ginger latte powder with wild marine collagen helps support skin, gut and joint health.

Hot ChocolaTEA (HERBAL INFUSED CACAO POWDER): Made with 100% certified organic fair trade raw cacao, true cinnamon, ashwagandha, astragalus, and lion’s mane, cordyceps and chaga mushrooms. This delicious herbal infused cacao powder contains organic adaptogenic herbs and medicinal mushrooms that can help support immune and adrenal health, to enhance the body’s resistance to stress and disease.



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