Bodhi Infuser & Tea Gift Set

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This lovely gift set contains a Bodhi engraved stainless steel tea infuser and serving spoon, and two boxes of Bodhi Organic Tea of your choice. Please include the names of the two teas you would like in the message box when you check out.

Our Bodhi engraved stainless steel tea infuser is just what you need to make the perfect cup of loose leaf tea while enhancing your teas therapeutic benefits.

Simply place the infuser in your favourite mug and then place a serving of loose leaf tea in the infuser. Pour boiling or near-boiling water over the tea leaves and place the lid on. Using a lid will stop the beneficial volatile oils escaping from your healthy brew. Allow your tea to steep for the desired time and then place the infuser into the upside down lid. A convenient, no mess, no fuss way to enjoy loose leaf tea.

Remember not to throw away your used tea leaves. Toss them over your garden. Your plants will love it!!


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