How to boost your immune system. Natural organic herbal teas like green tea are simple way to increase antioxidants to boost immunity

How to boost your immune system

Wondering how to boost your immune system? A strong functioning immune system is highly dependent ...
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These 5 tips will help you get a better nights sleep, organic herbal tea

5 Top Tips for Getting a Better Night’s Sleep, Naturally

Sleep is just as important to our health as nutritious food and water. Unfortunately, most ...
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10 Healthy Habits for a New Year's Resolution

10 Healthy Habits for a New Year’s Resolution

Many of us start the New Year with a resolution to become healthier. These 10 ...
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Stay Healthy During the Silly Season | Bodhi Organic Tea

The warmer weather is here and there’s a party vibe in the air. With plenty ...
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Liver Detoxification

10 Top Ways to Boost Liver Detoxification

10 TOP WAYS TO BOOST LIVER DETOXIFICATION 1. Dandelion root: This super liver herb makes ...
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5 Top Herbs to Prevent Adrenal Fatigue

Withania (Withania somnifera), also known as Ashwagandha, is a popular Ayuverdic herb that is a ...
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Green Tea for Beautiful Youthful Skin | Bodhi Organic Tea

Wrinkles are a natural part of getting older. We all eventually get them, however some ...
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How to Brew The Perfect Cup of Tea | Bodhi Organic Tea

To make the perfect cup of tea you should generally use one heap teaspoon of ...
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The History of Tea

“Tea is the ultimate mental and medical remedy and has the ability to make one’s ...
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Tea Varieties

‘Camellia sinensis’ Tea Varieties – white, green, black All varieties of tea - white, green, ...
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