7 Fantastic Ways to Detox Your Liver Naturally

Liver Detox

The liver is one of the hardest working organs in the body, responsible for an enormous number of metabolic activities that are vital to life. Its number one job is to detoxify all the contaminants in our bloodstream so they can be safely eliminated from the body. Here are 7 Fantastic Ways to detox your liver naturally with foods that will help improve the functioning of your liver and in turn help promote optimal health.

Liver Detox Foods

Broccoli Sprouts: These sprouts contain concentrated levels of sulforaphane, a powerful antioxidant that supports healthy liver detoxification. Broccoli sprouts contain anywhere up to 100 times more of these compounds compared to broccoli. Add fresh sprouts to meals, or add the powder to smoothies or fresh juices. Other sulphur rich foods include cabbage, kale, cauliflower, onion and garlic.

Dandelion root: This super liver herb makes a great caffeine-free alternative to coffee. Dandelion root stimulates liver detoxification, helping clear toxins from the body. It also boosts digestion and improves gallbladder function. Try Bodhi Organic PuriTEA.

Green tea: Drinking green tea regularly is another good way to support healthy liver function. This antioxidant rich tea contains high levels of catechins, a polyphenol which has been found in studies to help prevent liver inflammation and fat accumulation. Green tea helps improve liver function by protecting it from the harmful effects of toxic substances including alcohol. Try Bodhi Organic ViridiTEA or another delicious way to have green tea is in this Kale and Mango smoothie.

Globe artichoke: Is a wonderful liver tonic often used in extract form by herbalists. Mostly found in the leaves of the Globe artichoke is a compound called cynarin, that can help increase bile flow and strengthen liver and gallbladder function. The steamed leaves are delicious dipped in hummus, baba ghanoush, or tzatziki.

Turmeric: The super spice turmeric contains high levels of a compound called curcumin, which has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions. According to a study in the Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand, curcumin enhances liver health and offers protection from liver cancer and disease. This powerful antioxidant can also repair and regenerate damaged liver cells. Try Bodhi Organic ZesTEA.

Go Organic: Give your hardworking liver a much needed break by eating fresh organic produce that's grown without chemical pesticides and herbicides, or GMO seeds.

Garlic: Including garlic in meals is another fantastic way to boost your liver function. Garlic is a great source of the mineral selenium, which is needed by the liver to produce glutathione, one of the body’s major antioxidants. Glutathione plays a major role in liver detoxification.

By Lisa Guy, naturopath, and founder of Bodhi Organic Tea

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